WCC Photo Demo

Try the steps below to understand how it works:

  • Front-end Steps (click here)
    1. Load the demo contest clicking here
    2. Try joining the contest by pressing the “Enter Contest” button. The join form is fully customizable on the admin.
    3. Fill the form and include a photo (dragging a photo works) – uploading multiple photos works
    4. Refresh the page – you should see your photo listed.
    5. Click on the photo you uploaded – it shows a photo slider showing all the photos you uploaded
    6. Try joining the contest again – you should get a message that you are indeed already participating – this is a protection to avoid participants trying to join twice.
    7. Try voting for a participant by clicking the “Vote” button – then fill the short form. Refresh the page. Now you should see your vote added to that participant
    8. Try voting again – you should see a message saying when you can vote again (very convenient, so your voters know when they can come back to the site to vote again)
  • Back-end Steps (click here)
    1. Load the admin clicking here  (use demo / demo as the user / password)
    2. Click on “Contests”
    3. Create your own contest by clicking “Create a new Contest” (green button)
    4. After the a new tab loads – click on the “Photo Contest Mode” tab
    5. Click on “Enable Photo Contest Mode” – this will hide all the viral contest settings and only make the ones relevant to the Photo Contest visible
    6. Click on the “Contest Details” and fill the basic contest info
    7. Click on the “Contest Automation” set the start and end dates, and if you want to show / a page automatically when the contest ends and when to announce a winner
    8. Click on the “Rules & Terms” and set those as needed – there is a rules template ready to be edited
    9. Click on “Notifications” – there you can set your own custom message to notify each participant that joins. You can insert “Mail-merge” fields in this format: {form_field_name} where “form_field_name” is the name of your custom form field on the participant form – very convenient to personalize your messages
    10. Click on the “Social” tab – there you can set the a “Title” and “Message” that will be visible on the social shares from your contest. The photo that will be shared is the photo from the participant you selected
    11. Finally click on the “Photo Contest Mode” tab. Here you can configure you photo contest according to your needs. Every setting has a “?” mark that explains what it does. You can customize your participant and voter forms, show or hide the information displayed at the top, and even change the language of the Interface below on the language settings.
    12. Save your contest by clicking the “Save Contest” button (above or below)
    13. Click to “Add New” page (or click here)
    14. Click on the button “Add Contest” above the page editor
    15. Select the name of the contest you created from the dropdown at the top
    16. Click on the option below that says: “Add a Photo Contest”
    17. Click the button “Insert Contest” – you should see a shortcode inserted into your page.
    18. Click on Publish to save the page. Then preview your contest!
    19. Congratulations! you have created your first Photo Contest with WCC Photo!